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   What is The SCOREabout?
The SCORE is a rewards programme offered by Dubai Sports City. Your SCORE card costs absolutely nothing, and is the key to entering a world where every visit to DSC is a gift, and where every reward is just as dynamic as the experience behind it. Your SCORE card gives you the chance to earn and spend SCORES within Dubai Sports City and very soon with other participating outlets. In addition, becoming a SCORE member opens the door to a wide selection of benefits and services that is guaranteed to leave you with a smile!
   What is The SCOREabout?
Getting started with THE SCORE programme is very easy. You can become a score member by: - Visit any participating outlet of THE SCORE and fill up an application form - Visit www.dscscore.com and hit “Sign UP” tab to fill up an application form
   What is the Minimum Age Criteria for THE SCORE?
A member of THE SCORE is 18 years and above.
   What are the types of SCORE?
There are two types of SCORE - Tier SCORE - Reward SCORE Tier SCORE is earned with every spend in participating outlets and are collected to help you reach the next tier level. Tier Scores cannot be redeemed for services and cannot be transferred. 1 Tier Score is equal to 1 AED Non-Promotional Spend. Reward SCORE is earned with the eligible list of items at every participating outlet, at a percentage stated depending on the tier status. 1 Reward Score is equal to 1 AED cash back balance.
   How are my Reward & Tier SCORE calculated?
Tier SCORE and Reward SCORE are calculated on eligible spends at any participating outlet of the programme.
1 Reward Score = AED 1 cash-back value with published Dubai Sports City outlets
Tier Scores are used to calculate which tier a member is eligible to belong to (Bronze, Silver, or Gold), and thereby enable programme to provide recognition as based upon their tracked spend level.
   Does THE SCORE have TIERS? What determines my TIER status?
YES. The SCORE has 3 tiers – Bronze, Silver & Gold. A members TIER status will be determined by TIER SCORES earned to stay and TIER SCORES earned to upgrade. The following table conveniently explains TIER STATUS
BRONZE 0 4,500
SILVER 4,500 25,000
GOLD 25,000
   What is Reward SCORE? How can I earn REWARD SCORE?
Reward Score is the value of cash back in AED earned at all participating outlets of the programme. As a member of the programme, 2.5% Reward SCORE applies on all eligible spends at all participating outlets. As you move to a higher TIER, Reward SCORE % increases.
   What are the participating units & types of promotions under The SCORE?
Participating Units – Currently, the participating outlets of THE SCORE are:  The ELS Club  ICC Academy  Football Zone  DSC Facility Services  Kickers Sports Bar & Chill  Champs Bistro  261 Restaurant  Big Easy Bar & Grill Do visit www.dscscore.com periodically to find an updated list of participating outlets. Promotions – Promotional Items will change from time to time (usually every week). There would be generally 2x & 3x promotional offers on eligible spends.
   How do I track my Tier SCORE & Reward SCORE?
Tracking your Rewards is easy. Log onto www.dscscore.com and sign into your membership account to see all details relating to your purchases, redemptions and cash back accumulated.
   What benefits are available on various Tier levels? How can I avail them?
SCORE is designed to ensure you receive the greatest benefits that any of our facilities can provide. Whether you’re aiming to hit a 6, snag a hole-in-one or score a hat-trick, your card’s got you covered! CLICK HERE to view all benefits for your tier.
   Will my Rewards SCORE lapse?
Yes, The Validity of Reward SCORE is 3 years for active membership. In case of inactive membership, Silver and Gold members with no transactional activity during two consecutive membership periods (a total of 24 months) will have their membership downgrade and as part of this will lose access to their Score balance. Bronze members with no transactional activity during a membership period (24 months) will have their membership inactivated and lose access to their SCORE balance.
   Will I receive a new card on achieving a higher Tier Level?
Yes! You will receive a new membership card on upgrade/renewal of your SCORE membership.
   Will my Tier points be deducted upon moving to next Tier?
YES. Once you have been upgraded/renewed into Silver/Gold tier, the required TIER SCORE will be deducted from your TIER SCORE balance.
   Can my Tier status be downgraded?
Yes, if you fail to qualify the respective tier spend level required to maintain the current tier status.
   My recent purchase at a participating outlet does not reflect in my Score Balance on the website. What should I do?
Tier and Reward SCORE credit will be applied within 24 hours from the entitled transaction completion time. After 24 hours, email us at customersupport@dscscore.com.
   How do I know if I qualify for the next tier level?
Tier status is achieved or renewed annually based on the following qualifying criteria: As soon as your account is credited for the required number of Tier SCORES to achieve the next tier level, your membership will be upgraded automatically and your upgraded membership pack will be sent to you. At the end of each year, every member’s eligible spends are reviewed and his or her SCORE membership level is adjusted based upon the ability to meet the specified spends required of each tier level. For e.g.:- if a member achieves Gold Tier Level in September 2016, that level will be maintained through August 31, 2017 and will only be lost should the member not achieve the minimum spend level required for Gold Tier level in September 2017.
   I forgot to place THE SCORE membership card at the time of Purchase. Is there any way I can Claim points on that purchase?
Yes, provide your store associate at the time of purchase with your phone number or five-digit loyalty number. They can locate your Score Rewards account in the system and credit your account with the purchase. However, the store associate cannot credit your account after a purchase has been made.
   Can I Claim the Reward & Tier SCORE for the transactions made before the launch of THE SCORE programme?
No Reward or Tier Score will be awarded for any qualifying spends made before the signing up into The SCORE loyalty programme.
   Can I earn SCORE on someone else’s transaction?
Reward SCORE can only be earned by a qualified member of THE SCORE.
   What are the Cash Back Percentage for Different Spends & Tier Levels?
The following table conveniently explains base cash back percentages on eligible spends. All participating outlets will run promotions to ensure higher rewards for our members.
Tier Cash Back %
Bronze 2.5% (Base)
Silver Base + 1.25% = 3.75%
Gold Base + 2.5% = 5.00%
   Is there any SCORE membership fee?
Signing up for The SCORE is absolutely free of cost.
   Will I receive The SCORE Membership card?
SCORE membership card will be mailed later to the member as a part of the membership guideonce a member has enrolled in The SCORE programme.
   When do I receive a membership card?
Silver and Gold SCORE members receive a membership card following upgrade and renewal at these levels. Members can request a card at any time. Bronze members will receive cards upon their registration as a new member in the SCORE programme. Please send an e-mail tocustomersupport@dscscore.comfor more details on membership cards.
   How can I view my account summary?
Creating an account allows you to track your spend, monitor the tier and rewards SCORE towards the next tier level, customize your preferences and more. Once you have created your account, you can modify your preferences at any time by clicking “Sign in” on the top right corner of every page on -www.dscscore.com.
   I am already a member of The ELS Club, how will my membership change?
Your ELS Club benefits remain unchanged, but now you are automatically enrolled in The SCORE and have earned Dubai Sports City wide recognition. Here are some key features:- Membership Number. Your membership number remains the same and will be recognized across all DSC outlets. Member Level. Your membership level earned through SCORE will be recognized by all participating outlets and irrespective of your spend level your tier level will always remain as GOLD member.
   Can I transfer SCORE with other SCORE members?
Only Reward SCORE can be transferred to other members of THE SCORE. TIER SCORE is non - transferable.
   Membership Termination Clause?
Member can terminate his/her membership by sending an email to customersupport@dscscore.com.
   About Supplementary Membership?
Supplementary membership is notcurrently active. Do visit www.dscscore.com for updates.
   Will I receive The SCORE statement in the mail?
Absolutely! You will receive periodic e-statements from THE SCORE. You can always log onto www.dscscore.com and sign in to your membership portal for information on earned rewards, spends & redemption offers.
   Lost my membership card? What now?
There is no need to worry! Report your loss of card by calling our helpline +971 4 448 1111 and you will receive a new membership card within 4 working days! Alternatively, write to us at customersupport@dscscore.com to report loss of card.